10 gadgets pour vous permettre de remplir n’importe quelle mission

10 Gadgets


Dane & Katie Gustafson

Que vous adoptiez ces gadgets ou non, ils sont parfois essentiels pour réussir les tâches qu’on vous demande d’accomplir. Avoir le dernier gadget dans votre boîte à outils n’est peut-être pas essentiel, mais l’utilisation de certains de ces gadgets peut vous permettre d’économiser temps et argent. Voici une liste de gadgets pour les entrepreneurs pour vous permettre de réaliser certaines tâches qui ressemblent parfois à une mission impossible. Ces gadgets vont du pratique à l’extravagant, du téléphone cellulaire résistant aux chocs, en passant par la glacière 12 volts, un manteau chauffant jusqu’aux drones.   

Whether or not you choose to accept them, missions in the contracting field are going to require you to be well equipped with the gear that you need to help you succeed. While having the latest and greatest high tech gadgets in your arsenal may not seem like a necessity, utilizing such tools can help save you time and money while feeling super-agent suave. Here’s a list of some of the newest contractor gadgets to outfit you for those impossible missions, ranging from practical to extravagant technology.

1. Tough phone or tough case

Today most people do a lot of their business via cell phones, and in the contracting industry, what you need is something as rugged as the work that you do. You need a phone or a phone case that will survive drops, heat, water, dust, and other constant abuse. At the end of the day you still need to be able to pick it up for those all-important business phone calls. A damaged phone could mean missing an important call and losing a client. To protect your valuable business transactions, it’s important to make durability a priority when selecting a cell phone or to pick some serious body armour as your phone case. USA Today recently reviewed three smartphones that can meet the needs of those working in even the most dangerous work environments. The writer subjected the following phones to climate, water and impact trauma to see how they held up: Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Active, CAT B15, Sonim XP7 and Kyocera DuraForce. See how they held up here. If you decide to go with protective gear instead, Gizmag recently listed The LifeproofFre, Griffin Survivor, Gecko Rugged, Otterbox Preserver and Incipio Atlas as bulletproof choices to prevent your phone from going MIA.

2. Contractor phone apps

Contractors often need to come up with cost estimates for labour or materials. Luckily there are some high-tech apps that can make that job faster and easier. Contractor Talk lists several estimating applications available for use from iPads, phones and work or home computers. Many of these apps are very low cost or even free, such as JLGPro, iQuick and Joist inc. Some are more expensive, like the software program Smart Contractor. Whatever your budget and needs, one of these apps can make your life easier and even help you become a better mental estimator over time. If you want a way to impress clients with your ability to quickly come up with the right numbers, there are some really helpful apps available to make that mission possible.

3. LED light bar

If you’re working in the dark, don’t let that stop you from doing what needs to be done. Instead, you might want to consider investing in a spy-worthy LED light bar. Some have a magnet on the back, which really makes it portable and ideal for working in most industrial locations. Because LED uses less power, the LED light bar will have a longer battery life than an incandescent equivalent.

4. Work site radio

While it isn’t a necessity, listening to some of your favourite work music can definitely make the day more enjoyable and help work go faster. The advantage of using a worksite radio instead of your phone or MP3 device has to do with both durability and quality/volume of sound. Worksite radios may run off of a power cord or be battery operated, and they vary in prices depending on how extravagant you want to get. There are several worksite radios with specialty features that are particularly appealing to those in the contractor business, such as heavy duty grips and integrated outlets, so you can charge that tough phone of yours.

5. Laser level

Sure, a regular level would work, but why not try something a little more spytastic to get the job done? Not only will using a laser in your daily life make you feel like Ethan Hunt, this high-tech tool will also help you get things square in a hands-free fashion, saving you time on the job. There are many types of laser levels available with various features to choose from. Some are meant to be adjusted manually while some have more automatic features. Some lasers project dots as reference points while some project cross beams…some even project a line all the way around a room. Whatever your contracting needs, there is a laser level out there that is right for you.

6. Multi-media inspection camera

The multi-media inspection camera is one gadget that can offer you valuable insider knowledge. The camera head is attached to a handheld screen by 2 metres of waterproof cable that can be snaked through small spaces. This allows you to take a look at what’s behind walls or in tight spaces, saving you guesswork, time and money.

7. Heated jacket

While it may seem like a strange concept, heated jackets might be just the thing you’re looking for when working outside or in unfinished constructions during those cold wintry days. Heated jackets are battery-powered, and they ensure that you will stay warm even if you can’t retain your own body heat. This weather-resistant gear works by heating your core so that your extremities will be able to function well despite frigid temperatures, allowing you increased mobility and focus on the job.

8. 12 Volt cooler

Whereas a heated jacket might be the high-tech gear of choice in cold climates, what about those working in extremely hot temperatures? The Koolatron can make outdoor work in hot places much easier and more enjoyable. This soft bag is like a portable mini-fridge with a convenient shoulder strap. It holds up to 34 cold cans or small water bottles so that you and your co-workers can stay cool and hydrated. Best of all, it is powered by 12V thermo-electric cooling technology so that no one has to worry about getting ice.

9. High tech toolbox

Want to impress your coworkers? One multi-functional high-tech gadget that will do the trick is a futuristic toolbox, or Coolbox. The Coolbox runs off of rechargeable batteries and it includes an arsenal of features such as a cooler, tablet stand, LED lamp, USB port and speakers. Oh yeah, and it holds your tools, too.

10. Drones

When it comes to futuristic toys on the market today, drones are one of the first things that come to mind. Drones are miniature, remote-controlled aircraft that are capable of recording and relaying footage of the ground below. How can these help you in your work as a contractor? While drones used to be the hobby of those willing to lay down a few grand to watch something fly around in the sky, today they are being used all over the world to survey and record progress of building sites and renovation projects in brilliant 4k quality. You can now see how work is progressing and get a picture of what needs to be done or changed from an aerial view.


This article was first published as a blog by Dane & Katie Gustafson, Wholesale Contractor Supply, Ellisville, MS; http://blog.wholesalecontractorsupply.com.


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